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My name is Sean Reardon; filmmaker, outdoor enthusiast, music hobbyist and dog lover. I’m originally from just north of Boston, (go Sox!) but have since made Brooklyn my home base.


My first experience in film was making an Oscar-worthy film called "Vampire Slayer" with my sister and cousins when I was five years old. Besides some early detours toward being an MLB player/firefighter/superhero, I knew from a very early age I wanted to pursue a career in film.


I graduated with a B.A In Documentary Studies & Production from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications (ranked 16th in Hollywood Reporter’s Top Film Schools) along with a minor in International Politics in 2020.


I’ve taken a multidisciplinary approach to my work in production, sharpening my skills to be well-rounded in every stage of the process– from development and producing, all the way through post-production and delivery.


I revel in the collaboration, critical thinking, and storytelling puzzle of filmmaking.


In my work behind the camera, I always strive to capture the power of human emotion through the lens.


In my editing work, I constantly honed a unique style that blends an emphasis on rhythm with heavy influence from the Kino-Eye technique.


I have previously done work for several political and grassroots campaigns, brands like WHOOP, L’Oreal, and The ATP Tour, and have licensed my footage to National Geographic for inclusion in their Explorer Series.


Feel free to reach out for inquiries at



In the field


Director of Photography on "Growing Justice", a short documentary examining the erasure of community gardens and green space in New York City.

IMG_5199 2_edited.jpg
IMG_6849 2_edited.jpg

On set with trainers and staff at Balanced, a digital fitness startup, as part of my full-time Lead Producer and general jack-of-all-trades role. 


Director of Photography and Lead Cinematographer on "Tighten The Reigns", a short documentary highlighting a young girl's competitive journey in barrel racing.


POV from shoot with Aaron Rizzo at Leesta Vall Studios in Brooklyn. We captured dozens of unique perfomance takes that were individually pressed to vinyl.

IMG_2124 2_edited.jpg

On set of a self-produced documentary for Acting Out!– a community theater company based in Lawrence, MA– an archive heavy project commemorating its twenty years, and speaking to the importance of community theater.

BNF_dolores huerta_edited.jpg

Meeting Dolores Huerta, civil rights activist, labor leader and co-founder of the United Farmworkers Union, during my internship at Brave New Films in 2018.


AC on shoot for Isotope Films Untitled Documentary about the Community Health Project at NYC Pride 2019.

IMG_3930 2_edited.jpg

In the Massachusetts Statehouse as part of my Digital Media Producer role for the Ed Markey for Senate Re-election Campaign in 2020. We created his infamous ad when he originally ran for reelection to the House of Representatives in 1976.

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