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My name is Sean Reardon; freelance videographer, outdoor enthusiast, and proud owner of Jackson, the best dog in the world. I am from North Andover, Massachusetts.

My first experience in video production was making an Oscar-worthy film called "Vampire Slayer" with my cousin when I was five years old, and I haven't looked back.


Over the years, I have honed my skills in freelance cinematography, post-production, live broadcast, and on-set productions.


I have a B.A. in Documentary Studies from Ithaca College's Roy H. Park School of Communications. I am always looking for opportunities to offer my video storytelling passion and digital organizing skill to further grassroots causes. I also welcome conversations on how I can best use that storytelling skill to highlight your small business. 

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An article about my video work for the international scientific research team, The Horus Study Group.

BNF_dolores huerta.jpg

Meeting Dolores Huerta, civil rights activist, labor leader and co-founder of the United Farmworkers Union, during my internship at Brave New Films.



AC on shoot for Isotope Films Untitled Documentary about the Community Health Project at NYC Pride 2019.


Director of Photography on "Growing Justice" (in-production), a short documentary examining the erasure of community gardens and green space in New York City.


Director of Photography and Lead Cinematographer on "Tighten The Reigns", a short documentary highlighting a young girl's competitive journey in barrel racing.


Sound Operator on Devin Kasparian's Film, "Vivienne"

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